January 6th, 2014

Hi My Name Is Mark Releases Exclusive Vannen Watch!

Vannen has partnered up with Hi My Name Is Mark to put some cephalopod on your wrist with this super limited matte black watch. The HMNIM watch design is simple and elegant, with clear index markings printed on the inside of the crystal, giving the watch face an understated depth. The hands are a pale teal-blue and match the HMNIM logo on the loop, and there are special HMNIM engravings on the back casing and the crown. The display-worthy packaging is a matte sleeve with glossy HMNIM logos, and features a photo Mark Hoppus took on a diving trip to Anacapa Island of the coast of Port Hueneme, California.

Only 150 HMNIM watches are available, and you can get yours for only $55 on Tuesday, January 7th at 9 AM PST, only at HiMyNameIsMark.com.

Established in 2012 by Mark Hoppus and a like-minded group of friends, Hi My Name Is Mark is a lifestyle brand that offers clothing, accessories, art, and other cool stuff to people who enjoy life. After partnering with Hi My Name Is Mark to present several screenings of FILMAGE in San Diego, we at Vannen are stoked to work with them again to bring you these limited edition timepieces.

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Vannen captures the electrifying worlds of art, fashion, and pop culture and infuses them into every limited edition timepiece we produce. Vannen makes exceptional, highly collectible, quality driven timepieces at affordable prices. Constructing wearable art that is both functional and accessible — but still exclusive — Vannen gives the public a new way to showcase their taste and style without breaking the bank. From fine artists to television shows, Vannen's partners and collaborators all share one distinct quality: they're producing the most compelling and original work in their field.

Individually inspected, assembled and packaged by hand in Los Angeles, every watch is treated like a true piece of art. Vannen creates wearable art that appeals to forward-thinking, style-savvy individuals while honoring the distinctive vision of every artists and brand we work with. Every Vannen Watch is a collaboration, from the design and packaging to the bonuses that have become a cornerstone of the Vannen experience. There is no single Vannen aesthetic. You just know a Vannen watch when you see one.

Based loosely around the Swedish word for friend, Vannen Watches takes a pro-artist stance and strives to build a global community of friends united by art. When you collect Vannen, you can feel good about your purchase. Your investment is felt directly by the artists, and you become part of the cycle of friends supporting friends. Each collection of watches bolsters the scene by bringing awareness to artists and inviting the world to experience something new.

Vannen is for the artists, the shops, the galleries, the collectors... and most importantly you.